So What Happened ?

Apologies for not being able to get anything up sooner, but unfortunately the site was hacked pretty badly.

Our hosting also let us down by not being able to provide backups for the site which meant I'm currently struggling to piece the site together from old backups I took myself

With the bad news out of the way I guess the only good news is that I somehow managed to recover the forums database myself, which means that up until the hack we should have all the data and posts

As far as the site files ar concerned i.e. images, themes, styles it's all gone

I'm doing my best to put things together but it's slow

I'll keep everyone updated with this basic page, I can't give any dates right now but I'm trying to setup a vbulletin with no styling and link it to the database I salvaged. I'm just having some technical problems with setting it up.

Once again apologise for the post hack aftermath it's literlly been crazy on my end, however there is hope and once I get things back up, I'm hoping people will come back to re-build and support the site